The MBA Experience

Exactly a year ago, I was sitting in Fontainebleau,a I attended my first day as an INSEAD MBA Participant, Class of December 2015. With butterflies in my stomach, and a nervous energy, I didn’t know what to expect – it was a plunge that I had taken, unsure, whether this MBA was the right investment […]

The Wrap Up – Silicon Valley Trek

As our Silicon Valley Trek comes to an end, we gather around the AirBnB to discuss what is it that we learned, and what our perspectives are on this entire experience. And there were some amazing insights – of my colleagues – which I shall share – collated by me in this blog post. These […]

A trip to the valley

As kids, most of us dreamt of a trip to the amusement park. With the advent of technology, they’ve moved far from fantasizing using their own thought up world, to using tools such as Youtube to get a glimpse of what the experience might be like. Butterflies in the stomach, and a nervous excitement take […]

The GrandFather I Knew (not)

I stay in a joint family. And it’s kind of funny, because my Dad’s elder sister is as old as my mum’s mother. So basically, my Aunt is somewhere my Grandma’s age. Which made my Grandma, my Great Grandma’s age. And my Grandfather… Well you get the point. Due to this massive age difference ( […]


A few years ago, I fell quite ill. So ill that I had to be heavily medicated. Quite heavily medicated. I was diagnosed with something commonly known in the USA as the “Kissing Disease”. Now while that is common in the US, it is pretty rare in India. So rare that it took 3 blood […]

Maglove – Of magazines and authors.

Today my colleague and me were discussing the whole notion of MagLove. MagLove is not something to do with Magnetism, but rather with Magazines. There are a few Magazines that we swear by, have referred to whenever we needed a clarification, quoted the authors who’ve written in those magazines in those heated discussions as if […]


Goa. Probably the closest thing to Vegas in India. Boy oh boy! It was just amazing. But I’m not here to write about the joys of Goa, you would readily find truckloads of data with a single web search, but rather, I am here to talk about my experience of getting Sunburnt in the largest […]