An Introduction

I sit here at Gloria Jeans soaking in the beautiful view around me. Apart from the usual hustle bustle of a Sunday in the mall, I see from the window the “Secret Lake”, a name the locals use for the lake across the mall. It seems so calm, so serene, almost like a mirror embedded in the ground. The “view” almost seems like a message from the Almighty to reflect upon my own life.

I am Siddharth(a) Chaturvedi, with a little story behind the “a”  that I would elaborate later sometime. The only noteworthy thing being that my official name is Siddharth, whereas my internet alias (everywhere except official contact) is Siddhartha. I completed my B.Tech in Computer Sciences in 2010 and have been scratching my head ever since, confused and demented. *scratch scratch*

An introduction calls for something to be told about one’s self. And I could broadly categorize the “something’s” into two categories.

  • Things that would/could change with time, like, my favourite newspaper (used to be TOI, but now is The Hindu), songs that I like, movies that I watch, tastes in various things, and so on an so forth.
  • Then there are the things that would never change, like, me being a guy (trust me that is one thing I know I never want to ever change, despite the technological advancements and procedures in today’s world), my past : incidents and experiences, my family, my love for cars (I contemplated a lot before putting this here, and am sure this stays here)

So I would not waste time in telling you about the things that would/could change, as my posts would give an idea of the same. As for the things that would never change, I don’t know what to add to the examples already given.

Now we come to the question, why this blog. Well, I am a lazy fellow, selective procrastination being a subconscious part of me. As far as work is considered, deadlines are always met, but come studies and my personal life, the view of timing changes drastically. A small example would be that this blog was started (the Heading) around 2 Sundays ago, but is being completed this Sunday. This blog would act as a small reminder to get my life back on time, while helping me share my life/opinions/thoughts with my friends, family, and anyone else who has nothing better than read the ramblings of a demented fellow homo sapien.

I have one other problem, I like to keep things simple. As far as I think (which could be wrong, but then this is my blog! Open-mouthed smile),generally things are made complicated by using heavy words, technical jargon, or other things like those, to make things sound difficult and important to someone who doesn’t understand. I believe all those things could be translated to simple English, and made to sound as simple as they really are. I might talk about things I find interesting, which could span over cars, gadgets, books, philosophy, technology, and what not, and while doing so I would try to make whatever I talk about comprehensible to the common man.

With this, I take your leave. Till next time, cheers Smile


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