A right to VOTE for NO-ONE

I wish I could update this more often, but damn, my streak of Procrastination compounded with my work and abysmally slow Windows experience (although MS is not to blame, it is my own doing -downloading stuff left right and center), I have not updated my blog for quite sometime. Today, because my appserver (don’t ask me what that is – it is something I curse everyday, that should do) is down I get this opportunity.

Been thinking for quite sometime as to what to write- and somehow my mind is stuck on the current Political Scenario in India – some of the states are polling for the state governments, and how important I think is the Right to Vote for NO-ONE. The reason – People sometimes believe that none of the candidates that are contesting are the proper representatives of the People, therefore should be allowed to put that on paper.  But, because we have no such provision in place, the absentees are counted as votes for “ANY-ONE”. They believe X is as bad as Y who is as bad as Z, so why vote at all, whatever choice we make, it won’t make a difference. So if we treat as “ANY-ONE” as a choice (and for the moment as a person), we can presently vote for X or Y or Z or “ANY-ONE” but we cannot vote for “NO-ONE”. The country which is of the People, for the People, by the People, denies the Right of Veto – to the People.

Why can’t we just have a last button which says none of the above (remember that any of the above is already represented by the absentees). This would effectively allow us as citizens to be more responsible toward who we choose to lead us, or NOT choose to lead us. After all, they are OUR voice in the House. Lets say if less than 2/3rds majority of India does not vote, a government would not form (that would imply the absentees are voting for NO-ONE instead of ANY-ONE), how many states would be able to form a government? I know for sure that atleast one state has less than 66% turnout in most of the elections (if not all).

People keep saying that we should go out and vote. But for whom? Why should you force us on our own territory, in our own country to choose what we don’t want to choose? A lot of people might not vote because they are denied the right to NOT choose someone as their representative.  A whole lot of tosh here, but definitely food for thought.

Do you think I love my country less than everyone who goes out to vote? No, it’s just that I don’t think any of the buttons there would make any difference. If only I could have a button, that I could press, till I thought someone capable had their name against some other button, would I feel the urge, the responsibility, the need to vote.


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