Why PB makes a Compelling Business Tablet

With a little introspection we can calculate the number of people that actually require Laptops, and those who require it for only accessing their mails/powerpoint presentations/excel sheets/Online ERP Access (via the browser).
For the former, nothing can replace the laptops, but for the latter I would propose a PlayBook for the following reasons :
1. The 1Ghz Dual Core Processor with 1GB of RAM is much more than the old devices with some of our managers have. Moreso, because of the micro-kernel OS in the Playbook, the resource requirements are much lesser.
2. The PlayBook would integrate with the ActiveSync and BB Fusion technologies that would allow better management of the Work Applications, enhancing security and data integrity – for example, the apps that we would like to provide would be exclusive – their data cannot flow out into the non-work apps or email, allowing us to maintain a closed loop. Accomplishing this in laptops is difficult. I myself can enable USB ports with reasonable ease (and no, I do not have a laptop, but would like to bring this to your notice) and also copy and paste data from my work mails to my personal mails. Apart from this YOU can decide what softwares/apps would you like your employee to install.
Word/Excel/PowerPoint work out of the Box.
3. Alongwith the BB Dock/Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse and an HDMI monitor/screen- most of the work would be similar to that of a desktop/laptop – only much easier. It also houses a brilliant HD camera for video calls.
4. Most of the work is done on CITRIX in industries – hosted on servers, Remote Desktops and having checked the performance of a CITRIX server I setup at home, it was similar to the one I use in the office (of course my server did nothing fancy, but it did allow me to replicate my Windows environment on my playbook – connected it to my TV with a wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard, I had windows 7 running on a 42 inch screen).
This way we can reduce the number of licenses required for windows machines that are required to just connect to the citrix or remote desktop so that we can work in a virtual environment.
5. A PlayBook is 7″, a size that is perfect for a tablet – easy to carry, and big enough to see things properly. Also, it provides a feel good factor to the employees. Lightweight- fits into a jacket pocket, and boasts of a HD Screen with scratch resistant Gorilla Glass.
6. The lack of apps in the appworld would mean that the employees spend more time on their work, rather than wasting hours on the useless apps that other platforms order.
7. Most of the managerial level people are provided a BB from the company, and it integrates with a blackberry amazingly well.


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