Chennai Express – Day 2

You know you’re in a good hotel when the FnB department in the restaurant make you feel as if you’re the only person in the whole place. Especially when its 8.30 AM and everyone’s downstairs for breakfast. If for nothing else, I would recommend Fortune Select Palms for the brilliant service you get in the restaurant. Probably this is what you pay for when you goto an Oberoi, a Taj or an ITC.

There are somethings I can’t understand about the Indian government. You make a brilliant road, and then put a narrow toll booth (2 or 3 kiosks at most), when you know the entire SEZ is catered by it. I mean seriously, it took me 4 mins from Fortune to the toll waiting line, and 3 mins from the toll to Wipro, but it took me over 25mins to just cross the toll. After a long sweltering drive, I dumped my luggage in the back office and trudged to my office. I was due check in post 12 Noon.

What was funny was that in Bangalore, I was a part of conference calls in Tamil, (of course I had to be re-briefed in English), and here in Tamil Nadu, I was a part of a call in Telegu (when only 3 people understood it). The rest of us looked in absolute incomprehension. Next time I think I should carry my earphones to the conference room, and listen to music. Or maybe converse with all my colleagues in Jaatu/Punjabi. So much for missing AVB’s concert and my kid bro’s birthday in Mumbai this weekend.

One tip, next time, buy a flat near the SEZ campus in Chennai. You’ll get an awesome return on your investment. A furnished 3BHK’s rent here is anywhere between 75-85k. And the only USP – its walking distance from Wipro/Accenture. And is filled with people from the north of Kaveri. Though on the flipside, I might have to believe that this is cheap, because if you’re not fluent in Tamil, and use Autos/Taxis to travel in Chennai, you might as well find someone to buy your Kidneys. It would be cheaper to buy a car from Pondi, and pay for your fuel than travel in Autos. For example, I paid INR 180 for 8 kms in a normal non-ac Taxi (Why on earth did I take a non-AC one is beyond my comprehension), whereas my colleague who came on the same route, from the same place paid 250 to an Autowalla. I couldn’t help laughing in mirth that he was fleeced more than me.

As always, with IT, the place of work is actually miles away from the city. Due to which for things like a passport size photograph, you have to pay an arm and a leg. And then, the irate Autowallas (I seriously can’t get over them – as soon as they realize you don’t speak tamil, the prices rise exponentially. One of them asked me for INR 350 for a place that’s 4.3 Kms on Google Maps).

Also, I’m back to my guesthouse. With a room-mate. Who I hope will not turn up. Maybe get lost in this huge campus and sleep under a mango tree. And I shall laugh my evil laugh and have the room all to myself. Lets hope for the best as I push off to sleep. *hehehahahahaha*


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