Siddhartha Chaturvedi

An alumnus of the MBA Class of December 2015 at INSEAD, I am getting on grips with the various practical eccentricities that the subjects of Finance and Economics have to offer, ( while my previous update talked about being 1 of the 50 global startups for the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp by MIT, Social Entrepre…. well you’re not here to read all that are you? I mean we have LinkedIn for that nowadays, right? Here you go for all that stuff – ) In a cost saving effort – which means more of those café lattes, I’ve migrated my blog back to WordPress hosting.

A couple of things that I love are technology and startups – and especially so when they come together to help people. Ah well… let’s not bother you with a long rant about myself, there are much better interesting things to read and discuss; but do feel free to hit me up @siddhartha_c on twitter (or if you’re like me and still use BBM – kinda makes sense, to be able to chat with people without necessarily giving out any personal information, ah well we all have our quirks – my PIN is 5C4C526E )


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